June 22, 2008

NHS spending

When talking about the bloated wealth consuming sector there is one argument that always comes up. It is that you cannot possibly reduce the massive amounts spent on the various public 'services' because that would mean that you would be throwing out doctors/nurses/teachers etc. and nobody would stand for that unless they spend their days on horseback hunting fairies before returning to their palace to dine on roast baby. There is, in that world view, absolutely nobody else employed in the public sector except the sainted front line staff. The reality is slightly different.

between 1997 and 2007, the number of NHS managers increased by 64 per cent, as against increases of 43 per cent for doctors and 25 per cent for nurses.

To me that looks like there is room for a cut there which will have no effect on the front line what so ever. The number of managers by 64%, at least.


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